BranchCore Technology C.A


Our company was born from the joint vision of a group of professionals, who recognized specific tech needs from many successful companies in our circle, and decided to create this initiative utilizing our extensive knowledge gathered from education and experience in the workforce. 

We decided to create a company who could provide management and administration of IT to many other businesses who for any reason couldn’t do it in house. And in the process of becoming the company we are today after building our company during a world crisis (the 2020 pandemic), we discovered the value and importance of the joint effort to provide the best service to our clients.

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To integrate solutions within a technology environment, give answers that can benefit humanity’s development based on ethical principles, and aim towards excellence for our customers and partners.

A human organization was born
Where we utilize our knowledge and rely on technology for IT management.

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Reinforce ourselves as a prestigious company recognized in our home country and internationally, as the aid for the human intellect to objective solutions, allowing us a constant growth where improvement and attention to detail become our allies for customers and commercial partners.


We coexist with the Information Technology Service Management methodology, which is a process-based discipline focused on bringing the services provided by the organization in line with the needs of the business, emphasizing the benefits that can be perceived by the final customer.

Currently, we adapt our business model to the needs of preserving the stay of capable professionals, with potential in both attitude and aptitude and with years of experience being behind the management and administration of Data Center Infrastructures.